About Metropolitan Dog Club

About Us

Dogs have always been man’s best friend, and they have it in their nature to share unconditional love. Still, while they may be doing it with all the affection in the world, there’s always the chance that they would do something not-so-graceful – such as chewing on your shoes or peeing on your carpet.

This is exactly why on the 7th day, God invented dog clubs. And obviously, we humans continued the tradition. We love our dogs – but when they mistake a chair for a fire hydrant for the second time in a day, it all stops becoming so lovely.

How We Started

When we first got into the business, we didn’t intend to make it big out of the business. We just wanted to earn some quick cash over the summer. We loved dogs, and the ones we brought up were always well-behaved – because we learned the right techniques to make them listen.

We started by walking the dogs – and during our walks, we saw that there were some cases that did not behave properly. So, while we were at it, we would throw in some “extras” and teach them a few basic things. The owners came to us grateful, noticing a change in their four-legged friends.

So, we thought, why not use this to our advantage? As a result, we started training the dogs of our relatives and our neighbors. We didn’t take on too many cases – just two or three dogs at a time. We made them our focus, and over the course of a few weeks, we managed to bring them to a certain level of control.

In the meantime, word spread out about what we do. More and more people – people that we did not necessarily know – came to us for help. And that’s when we decided to go big.

Why Did We Create the Metropolitan Dog Club?

At some point, dog training stopped being a quick way to earn cash; it became a business. We realized that we were good at it and decided to make a living out of it. We made it a job to create dogs that have been conditioned and trained to always behave – regardless if it’s home or in a public place.

And most importantly, we wanted to create an environment where the dogs would enjoy being trained. We didn’t want a prison; we wanted a second home. As a result, the Metropolitan Dog Club came to life – a place where you could establish control while still encouraging enjoyment and willingness.

About Metropolitan Dog Club