How to Write a Persuasive Essay on the Topic “Why You Should Get a Dog”

There are two types of dog people in this world: the type that knows they want a dog, and the type that wonders whether they should get a dog or not. The second type will want arguments whether this is a good idea or not – and a persuasive essay on “why you should get a dog” might convince them on that idea.

Steps to Write a Persuasive Essay

Whether you are trying to convince them to get a dog or not get a dog, a persuasive essay needs to be written properly. You will need to come up with the right structure, bring the right arguments – and of course, back it up with research. If you have to write such an essay, here is what you should do.

  1. Take Your Stance

What are your thoughts about this issue? What side are you on? Are you on a “get a dog” side, or are you against it? In this case, you are on the “pro” side, so you need to make that fact clear. Keep in mind any prejudices that might arise in your choice. Some might not be very supportive of your ideas, but you will have to support your claims.

  • Research the Topic

The idea of a persuasive essay is to give as much compelling evidence as possible regarding your point. What are the benefits of getting a dog? Are there any physical or psychical aspects that you should concern yourself with? Are there any issues that should convince you not to get a dog? Ideally, you might want to take library-based research to support your statements.

  • Know Your Audience

Will your audience agree with your position? Are there any reasons why they might not agree with your position? You need to be able to understand both sides if you want to successfully prove your point.

  • Think About the Structure

Make an outline of your essay, and think about the order that you want to present those ideas in. Keep in mind that everything should be logical – and they should connect as you are writing through the essay.

  • Support Your Claims

When writing a persuasive essay, it is vital that you bring hard facts to the table. You can either do this through research (tip: you might want to go for official journals) or through your own experience. If you already have a dog, you can bring your own facts in the mix.

Bear in mind that if you are quoting someone else, you always have to cite; otherwise, you risk plagiarism. Still, direct quotes from an expert in the domain may give further strength your essay – and meaningful examples can help you illustrate your argument even more.

How to Structure a Persuasive Essay

For a persuasive essay on the topic “Why You Should Get a Dog” to get the top grade, you need to follow a proper structure. The information matters – but the way in which you write it matters just as much. Here is how you out to organize your essay:

  • The Introduction

This section of the essay is for grabbing the attention of your reader, offering them some background information about the topic. It should also share your position in the argument – namely that getting a dog is actually a good thing. The introduction should not take longer than 10% of your persuasive essay.

  • The Body

The body of your conclusion is where all of your arguments will be. Ideally, you might want to come with at least three arguments – but this will mostly depend on the word count that you receive. If it’s a longer essay, then you might want to present more arguments.

Each point needs to have its own paragraph. Give facts and arguments to explain your point – and then offer compelling proof that will support your claim. For each point, you may also want to find the most compelling “against” argument – and then refute it.

Again, the body of the text will depend on the word count, but it should be around 80% of the length of your essay.

  • The Conclusion

The conclusion should end with the ideas presented in your introduction – only restating the points needed to prove your stance. It is a chance for you to make a short summary of your findings – but don’t make it too long. The conclusion should only be 10% of your essay – so keep it short. Also, you might want to avoid bringing up new points in the conclusion that you haven’t discussed in the body.

Final Thoughts

Writing a persuasive essay on the topic “Why should you get a dog” shouldn’t be a very complicated task – particularly if you are the owner of one. However, feelings aside, you need to remember that hard facts are crucial to proving your point – and so is a good structure. If you need further help for this issue, you may ask professionals such as Trust My Paper – can someone write my paper for me?

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