Socializing the Adult Dog – Short Guide

As a dog owner, you might already know the importance of socializing in your dog’s life, especially during the puppyhood. Because they are so receptive between three and twelve months old, dogs need to be involved in many social activities and therefore, this thing should be one of your priorities when adopting or purchasing a puppy. This ideal situation cannot be accomplished in some situations, but this does not mean that older dogs cannot be socialized.

Socializing the Adult Dog – Short Guide

Whether you want to have more opportunities for your dog to socialize more or you want your new member of the family that you’ve just adopted from a shelter to get used to the social interactions you want it to join with you, here’s a short guide that could help you do this:

  1. Walk your dog daily

Dog-walks are perfect opportunities for your dog to meet other dogs and people, as well as get used to different sounds, smells, and activities. When walking together with you, dogs tend to be more submissive and calmer, due to the fact that they feel vulnerable.

Apart from the fact that your buddy needs this habit in order to exercise, this activity is useful for you both, as it is a great bonding experience. What’s more, you’ll get to know your dog better because you’ll see the way in which it reacts to specific situations.

An important aspect you need to consider is not to pull back its leash, not to shout at it or expose your dog to other stressful situations that could scare it even more. With a calm and assertive energy, you’ll be able to control your dog’s level of excitement and feelings.

  1. Introduce it to other dogs

As we, people, need to socialize and have people around us, so do dogs- especially when they are older. Whenever you meet a dog which behaves well and is not violent when meeting yours, try to let them sniff each other and play, if they do get well with each other indeed.

Do not try to push things too hard, as many dogs might become aggressive when exposed to such situations. Use a muzzle if necessary and do not get too close to the other dogs, in order to avoid unpleasant experiences for your dog. Experiencing traumatic encounters can make your dog even more stressed and shy than before.

3.Expose your dog to different social activities

Walking your dog and finding opportunities for it to meet other dogs is not enough. One of the most precious things you can offer your dog is your time and doing things such as hiking, camping and jogging together will be great chances for it to perform different things and get used to different situations. You’ll be amazed at how much your dog will change after this: it will become more confident and open to new adventures and definitely less shy and stressed.

Tips you need to know when socializing your adult dog

In order to make sure you help your dog become more confident and open to adventures, there are plenty of things you can do to make its life more enjoyable:

  • Diversity is the key: Try to help your dog meet different kinds of people and also different kinds of animals. From babies to cats and other dogs, every encounter will count for your furry buddy. It will get easier for him to react to different situations and it will for sure become easy to interact with.
  • Choose dog classes: From time to time, exercising in a safe environment with people specially trained for that will be a perfect opportunity for your buddy to learn new things and get used to new people and dogs. You will receive the best pieces of advice from people who have experienced these kinds of situations before with their dogs.
  • Finding playmates: Your dog might be anti-social with other dogs and people but getting attached to a small number of dogs or people is not impossible. You’ll be surprised to see that your dog tolerates a specific dog and accepts it around its space. Sharing these experiences with other dog owners can make you know your buddy better.

Socializing the Adult Dog – Short GuideEven if the perfect time to make your dog socialize more is during puppyhood, in the first twelve months of life, this is not impossible to do this thing later. Do not forget about rewarding your dog every time it behaves correctly, only to show it appreciation and encourage it to go out more and enjoy new experiences every time. Do not forget your stash of treats, toys, and happiness! Socializing is one of the best experiences you can offer your dog, so do not forget to write it down on your dog’s schedule. Together is better!

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