20 Most Popular Dog Breeds

Big, small, fluffy or active – dogs come in all shapes and sizes. So many breeds have developed in time that choosing the best one to fit your character, your lifestyle and your house became quite a challenging thing do to. Mesmerized by the features of a specific breed or influenced by other dog owners, people seem to have similar preferences, depending on the country they live in. We provide you the ultimate list of the 20 most popular dog breeds around the world, from which you can learn the specific features that make these dogs so popular and adored.

1. Retrievers (Labradors and Golden)20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
Famous for their social skills and their preference for active and energetic environments, but also adored for their mild and sweet behavior, retrievers are top choices for Americans. They do not only make each family happier and more complete, but they’re also able to perform amazing things, as they are very intelligent. This is why they are serious workers at field work, rescue activities and guidance for blind people.

2.German Sheperd20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
With his obedience and great intelligence, this dog is one of the most reliable breeds when it comes to guidance or guarding. Agile, muscular and noble, they make the great companions for policemen and this is one of the reasons many people choose to have one around their home- as their courage and loyalty are never-ending.

3.French Bulldogs20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
One of the most common small dog breeds found in people’s homes is the French Bulldog.This is a top choice for people who live in the city, especially in flats, and they playfulness and cuteness are definitely irresistible!

4.Beagles20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
Beagles are loyal companions which really know how to brighten your every day. This is why people choose this amazing dog as a member of their family – you can’t resist those puppy eyes with a curious, merry expression.

5.Poodles20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
Poodles are popular among women who really have the time to make taking care of this precious dog their daily job.


6.Rottweilers20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
With their tough appearance and strength, these tough guys made it to this top as well. In reality, a Rottweiler can be a great playmate, a protective buddy, and an all-time friend.

7.Yorkshire Terriers20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
These miniature furry friends are affectionate and are usually perceived as toy puppies. Many dog owners enjoy their companionship for almost 15 years and as we can see it from this top, they can’t get enough of them!

8.Pointers20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
Power and grace are some of the best skills that make dog lovers choose Pointers. They’re great runners and they adapt very well to any physical activity you want to perform with them.

10.Huskies20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
They might be mischevious and a little self-centered, but people still love them. With a life expectancy of almost 15 years, they stay in people’s hearts forever and make great companions.

11.Dachshunds20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
People seem not to resist the adorable Dachshunds. With their ever-alert expression and funny paws and silhouette, these dogs are simply adorable. And people love them!



12.Great Danes20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
This is the famous big dog breed that inspired Scooby-Doo. Their appearance is imposing because of their big stature, but in fact, they are friendly giants.


13.Corgis20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
These small dogs are associated with the Royal British House because they are the Queen’s favorite. But as we can see it here, the Queen is not the only one who loves these playful furry friends.

14.Doberman Pinschers20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
The Doberman is known for its loyalty and very intelligent animals. They are very excellent guard dogs and amazing companions and these are some of the features that make people choose them to be around.

15.Australian Shepard20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
These ones aim at pleasing their owners and do extremely well with obedience training. They require a lot of attention and exercise, and active people enjoy every opportunity of spending quality time with these dogs.

16.Schnauzers20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
People fell in love with Schnauzers as well. They are very fond of children and they love their families and are loyal to them.


17.Cavalier King Charles Spaniel20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
This famous British breed started to gain huge popularity in the 2000s. They require constant human interaction. They are family dogs with a friendly and outgoing temperament and many people make sure they receive what they need.

18.Shih Tzu20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
Shih Tzu are loved, as well, with its long and beautiful coat, calm and loyal temperament. They are intelligent dogs that benefit from obedience training and can be trained for shows as well.

19.Pomeranians20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
The Pomeranians are part of the Spitz family, a native family from the northern parts of Poland and Germany. They are considered “toy dogs” because of their small stature. The Pomeranians are friendly dogs with a well-rounded temperament, but they can be aggressive to other dogs because they want to prove themselves. Regardless of this, they are truly loved by many people around the world.

20.Bichons (Maltese, Frise, and Havanese)20 Most Popular Dog Breeds
The Bichons are small sized dogs that were bred especially for being companions and are not suited for sports. They share characteristics such as the curled tail, dropped ears, big black eyes and a coat that does not shed and required trimming. They have a life expectancy of 15 years and they are very friendly and calm.


So, if you’re thinking of getting a puppy for your family, take into consideration these dog breeds and see which one suits your lifestyle.

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